Invest în Târgu Secuiesc

Two modern indutrial parks for new investors

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Industrial buildings

Industrial park nr.1 has 4 production halls and Industrial park nr 2 has 2 production halls for investors

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Areas for investors

The industrial park nr 1 covers an area of 7.28 hectares. The industrial park nr 2 covers an area of 6.49 hectares, of which 5.76 hectares is a green area

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Invest in Târgu Secuiesc

In 2016 we opened two modern park for investors from EU Founding

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Two modern industrial parks

E.U. conform infrastructure

Place for investors

Kézdivásárhely is the easternmost town of the Carpathian Basin and also the center of Kézdiszék. The town government has built two industrial parks. The town was first mentioned in 1407 as Torjawasara, meaning in Hungarian “Torja Market”. (Torja is the name of a stream nearby and is also the Hungarian name of the nearby village Turia.) Originally, the Hungarian name Kézdivásárhely was also used in Romanian in the form Chezdi-Oșorheiu, but this was altered to Tîrgu Secuiesc (now spelled Târgu Secuiesc) after the accession to Romania in 1920 under the Treaty of Trianon. The Hungarian native name means “Kézdi Market”, Kézdi being the name of a Székely “seat”, a historical administrative unit. Its status as a market town dates back to the Middle Ages. The city was taken over by Hungary during World War II, following the Second Vienna Award of August, 1940. Sovereignty was restored to Romania following the war. It is located 66 km from Brasov, 32 km from Sfântu Gheorghe, and is accessible from the 547 European road linking Brasov and Bacău. Parks can be accessed by a newly built access road.

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Hatvan Expo

Together with Kézdi Lacto Coop we will participate at Hatvan Expo in Hatvan, Hungary


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